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Wall Objects

Designed and manufactured Wall Objects for public spaces and hotels. This project ranges from large batch productions to experimental one-off pieces. The objects are made from different fiberboards and painted wood.

Apart from the huge variety of wooden three-dimensional artworks jacquard-woven Wall Objects have been developed and can be produced. This technology makes it possible to experiment and ensure at the same time reproduction on an industrial scale.

Boulder 1

Boulder 2

Boulder 3

Boulder 2 and 3

Levels of a City 6

Levels of a City 5

Levels of a City 8

Levels of a City 2

Moon 1

Moon 2

Digital Strokes 2

Digital Strokes 4



Gefangene Farbe

Gefangene Farbe

Raster 1

Raster 2



“Your ability to express the concept whilst not overdoing the shapes and keeping things distilled is fantastic.”

Petek Sketcher / Art Consultant

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