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Objects & Artifacts

Log-Box Vases

Mutating mould for creating unique glass vases

Copper Cage Bowl

Glass blown into a hand-braided copper cage

Queering the Nørmal

Study on queer thinking  in design processes

Basalt Glass

Using basalt fiber coils to form liquid glass bubbles

Put Put Put

Modular table- and stool-collection

Cube Furniture

Bench, chair and wardrobe for half-public spaces

Thonet Union

Reworked Thonet NO.56 chairs

Wobble Stool

Wobbeling stool with benefits for healthy sitting

Wall Objects

Wall Objects for public and private spaces

Under Pressure

CNC-milled stools veneered with wood-chip-paper


Porcelain multi purpose vessels inspired by traditional Ikebana

Animal Coffin

Biodegradable coffin for pets made with industry waste

Textiles & Surfaces

2D // 3D

Future study about shape and function of garments


Textiles made with new dyeing methods


Textile enhancing and mending service concept

Laser Fringe Fabrics

Coming soon!


Garment collection Jacquard woven in one piece

Patterns & Fabrics

Various patterns, fabrics and surface designs


Collaboration with fashion label Miomartha


Woven, warpknitted, knitted and printed scarves

Digital Tradition

Coming soon!

Colour Shadows

Modular printed fabric collection for interior application

Little Loom

Collection of different mini looms for education and sampling

Wood & Textiles

Trend book with experimental wood and textile combinations

Materials & Colours

hard material : archive

Archive for experimental surface treatments

Hay Paper Veneer

Part of hard material : archive

Tiny Stages

Part of hard material : archive


Exploration of different materials with a shotgun

Sit on it…

Textile upholstery for wooden furniture

Colour Waves

Part of hard material : archive

Colour Haikus

Experimental colour, material and texture combinations

Contemplating Colours

Colour cards and studies for different applications

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