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One Piece Apparel – Clothes not as a conglomeration of single fabric parts but as one piece.

Most garments consist of several pieces of fabric sewn together. ONE PIECE Apparel is different, because the garment is woven on a loom as one piece and is a result of different one- and two-ply weaves. Directly after weaving and optional dyeing, the garment is wearable and only needs to be cut from the cloth with a pair of scissors. The work-intensive part of sewing is not necessary anymore.


Furthermore the garment is more resilient since the classic seam is replaced by a woven connection of the fabric layers. Thus, it is possible to produce even slim-fitted woven clothes due to the fact that the tension while wearing the garment is distributed evenly on a bigger connecting area. The combination of weave, material, colour and finishing effects offer boundless possibilities.

ONE PIECE Apparel / cut your style. was awarded Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesigner 2008, category textile design.

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