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Queering the Nørmal

The aim of Queering the Nørmal – Learning from Queer Culture was to cast attitudes and actions of queer communities in solid matter. Porcelain is a delicate yet durable material with many applications. The fluidity of the slip clay, the performance of casting and the transition from liquid to solid can be seen as an analogy of the dualism of normality and queerness. Due to its history as a conversation piece and known transmitter of information since classical times, the project works with the vase as an object. It speaks about culture and zeitgeist – a perfect artifact for the projects aspirations.

Through a machine learning platform individuals from various backgrounds and cultures were asked to draw a vase. By overlaying these 10.000 drawings the average form was extracted, which is considered Nørmal.

In the second part of the process a series of interviews with members of the queer community were conducted to learn more about views and attitudes in queer cultures. These insights were used to find strategies for manipulating the shape and surface of Nørmal to incorporate queer ways of thinking into the design decisions making process.

The vases aim to visualize universal stories within queer cultures. About 200 small vases, 10 cm tall, have been created with distinct characteristics. Twelve of them were converted into larger versions (26 cm) with help from renowned manufacturer Rosenthal GmbH.

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