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Log-Box Vases

The symbioses of wood and glass, craft and design: Log-Box Vases were created at the traditional Baruth glassworks. They comprise part of an international development, exchange, cooperation and exhibition project on the future potential of handcrafted glass in Europe: Glass – Hand Formed Matter.

The aim of the workshop was to explore the possibilities of glass-making between serial production and the creation of unique artistic pieces while developing them further for the future. The renowned glassmaker Peter Kuchinke was present to support and provide his expertise to shape the unique vases in the Log-Box series.

Why wood? The history of Baruth glassworks is closely intertwined with wood as a raw material. It was founded out of necessity in the early 18th century after a severe storm tore down large areas of the surrounding forest. A suitable use for the broken wood had to be found and thus used to fire the melting furnaces.

The potash needed for glass production was extracted from the remaining wood ash. Even today, wood plays a crucial role in the production of glass, as many moulds for blowing glass are still made from this naturally raw material. The traditional moulds are mostly sanded smooth and burnt out, meaning the wood does not leave any visible signs on the glass that is blown into them.

 The Log-Box series celebrates wood by revealing its texture. It lets the wild, organic structures of split wood become glass. The logs are arranged in a hinged wooden box for each vase individually. Each piece is therefore truly one-of-a-kind and reminiscent of Baruth glassworks’ rich origin history.

“Es raucht und brennt, das is mal ’ne geile Form.“

Maestro Peter Kuchinke / Glassmaker

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