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TexLab is an exploration of experimental dyeing techniques that take inspiration from creating self-made tools and exploring semi-industrial production to create unique fabrics – a true testament of how combining industrial processes and craft can lead to future crafts.

In TexLab 1, dye is injected and used on folded, woven fabrics with a perforated press mould. Through the perforations in the mould, the folded and pressed fabrics are injected with dyes with the help of a syringe. After releasing, the unfolded fabric reveals a pattern of bleeding spots which have faded through the multiple layers and thus created a liquid yet controlled pattern.


In TexLab 2 and TexLab 3, dye is injected into bobbins and knitting spools. An IV-bag with dye is connected with an acus and placed in the spool. In this process the dye is leaking through the yarn and creating fluid spots of colour. After knitting, the result is a fabric with moiré and marle effects, showing the transformation of the dyed 3D spool in a patterned 2D surface. All processes are captured in videos.

TexLab 1: Injection-dyeing of woven fabrics

TexLab 2: IV-bag infusion and weaving

TexLab 3: Injection into bobbins and knitting

“We felt that this project shows great promise and applications that can be used by the industry in different ways;
the work is inspiring and can lead to other innovations, including a hybrid way of painting patterns and prints.”

Li Edelkoort + Dorothy Waxman

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