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Animal Coffin

Animal Coffin is based on extensive research about local waste and how it could be transformed into a new material. Using only biodegradable ingredients, the final material consists of cardboard, hair and coffee grounds, mixed together with flour, vinegar and starch as natural binding agents.

In the spirit of Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed – a phrase coined by French chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier – the recipe was used to design an animal coffin with seeds embedded within the material.

After burying a beloved pet in this coffin the material will start to biodegrade and the coffin including the corpse will become nutrient for the soil, eventually transforming into a tree.

Animal Coffin was awarded the adream 2012 Honorary Award by Freistaat Thüringen / Bauhaus University Weimar, Green Product Award 2014 and a Notable Honoree from Core77 Award 2013. This project is a collaboration with Louise Knoppert and Amanda Österlin La Mont.

We feel this concept is a poetic and beautiful solution to a sensitive situation.”

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