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Studio ONE / OFF / ONE is an interdisciplinary design studio with a specialisation in textile and surface design. We realise a wide range of different projects along our themes diversity and details and simplicity with a twist.

We believe that good design has a crucial influence on us as it improves our everyday lives. It should be sustainable as in long-lasting, timeless, making use of good materials and being versatile in use. And of course it should look good in any situation. 

To us design is not pure decoration. It is the right ingredients mixed together in order to create a new, unexpected experience. 

We like simple things. Some may call it boring, but boring is not bad. It’s simply the absence of excitement in a world that is overflowing with exciting things, where every new object is trying to raise the level of excitement.

As a design studio we work together with a vast variety of different costumers in all fields of design – from small fashion labels to big industry players.

Our approach to new projects is mostly through research: what is the story behind this company, what is possible, what can be thought differently. With these guidelines we elaborate new concepts that perfectly integrate into production as well as the companys portfolio.

We draw a lot of inspiration from working hands on with given materials. A combination of craft and an implementation in industrial processes lead us to a new hybrid form of manufacturing: Future Craft.

“I love your conceptual thinking. It’s fun and curious!”

Petek Sketcher

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