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2D // 3D

2D//3D And the Space between New surfaces for human bodies is the search for a new shape for garments. Garments that are not simply sewn together from single parts but consist of different flat modules that can be fit together on the human body by the person wearing them. This conscious step back to a flat shape refers to garment traditions before the 12th century and gives the wearer more freedom of choice and more possibilities to individualize.

Due to the optimized production without any offcuts and the open way of wearing, it proves to be sustainable. As a future-oriented project it relates to Critical Design. Its aim is less to create a market-ready and functional product but more to provoke thinking, debates and broaden one’s horizon. In an extensive research I compared the seven elaborated shapes to the rules of good product design established by Donald Norman and made a field study with my garments.


The following photoshoot aims to show different ways of wearing the modules and focuses on the interaction between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional with and on the human body. 2D//3D resembles the process that turns a two-dimensional shape into a three-dimensional one. The special focus lays on the inbetween (// –the space between).

This project won the Austrian Out of Box Award 2013 in the category Urban Style/Fashion.

“Die Spannung und das Faszinosum dieses Projekts liegt in der kritischen, künstlerischen und konzeptionellen Herangehensweise an das Thema Mode und Bekleidung, vor allem aber im Ansatz, der nicht an der Oberfläche hängen bleibt, sondern grundsätzliche Fragen zum Verhältnis von Köper, Kleid und Konsum stellt. Die unterschiedlichen Medien dieses rechercheartig aufgebauten Projekts – vom Buch, über den Film bis zur Ausstellung – vermitteln stringent und formal überzeugend das systemkritische Konzept und übersetzen anschaulich das der Arbeit zugrunde liegende Thema.”

Arno Ritter

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