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New & Upcoming

Log-Box Vases for Spring

March 2024

We updated our webshop with new Log-Box Vases – the perfect companion for delicate spring flowers.


December 2023

We are participating in the next Edition of Berlin Affordable Art Market. It will take place at Not A Gallery from 8th to 10th of December. Come by and have a look!

New Log-Box Vases

September 2023

We made a buch of new and unique Log-Box Vases. They are made from coloured crystal glass and now available through our webshop.

Woven Wall Object "Collage"

September 2023

We have a new jacquard woven Wall Object in our collection. It’s called Collage (Black & Blue) and is inspired by the beauty and complexity of urban landscapes.

New Wall Objects "Boulder"

August 2023

We have a new series of Wall Objects in our webshop. They are called BOULDER and available in a limited edition of ten pieces each.


June 2023

We have a new Wall Object in our webshop. It’s called MOON №1 and available in a limited edition of ten handmade pieces.

Making History Transparent

May 2023

With the great support of the Gerhard Bürger Stiftung and Harzkristall, we have finally been able to complete Making History Transparent. In this project historical patterns are superimposed in layers and appear in view simultaneously.

New Pattern "Inside"

April 2023

We have a new pattern named Inside in our collection. It has a repeat of 60×64cm and our test print is digitally printed on recycled polyester.

Queering the Nørmal

March 2023

Our long term project Queering the Nørmal is now finally finished! The aim of Queering the Nørmal – Learning from Queer Culture was to cast attitudes and actions of queer communities in porcelain.

Log-Box Vases at The Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki

February 2022

Our project Log-Box Vases is on display at The Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki/Finnland. The exhibition glass — hand formed matter is showcasing new perspectives for manual glass production.

Salt & Pepper

January 2023

Last autumn we did the material consulting and styling for Hohenberger Wallcoverings for their photo shoot. The new Salt and Pepper collections are now available!


November 2022

Our latest project called FloreScene is now available. Inspired by traditional Ikebana these vessels provide a frame for flower arrangements as well as storage.

Miomartha – Section 7

September 2022

Our Fading Stripes pattern in a new emerald green colourway comes as a bow collar shirt dress with extra long, foldable cuffs and is part of Miomarthas new collection Section 7.

The Westin Grand Frankfurt

September 2022

For the recently reopened The Westin Grand Frankfurt we designed and manufactured 400 Wall Objects in six different designs. The designs are playing with shapes of the city and its historical importance for gold trade.

Log-Box Vases at The Glass Factory

August 2022

Our project Log-Box Vases is on display at The Glass Factory in Boda/Sweden. The exhibition glass — hand formed matter is showcasing new perspectives for manual glass production.

Woven Wall Objects

July 2022

Our Wall Objects portfoilo got more diverse with new Jacquard woven artworks. More will follow soon!


Log-Box Vases at Bröhan Museum

May 2022

Our project Log-Box Vases is on display at Bröhan Museum in Berlin/Germany. The exhibition glass — hand formed matter is showcasing new perspectives for glass production in Europe.

Miomartha – Section 6

June 2021

Our pattern Furball, exclusively designed for Miomartha, is now avaiable in their new collection Section 6.

Copper Cage Bowl

January 2021

Our very first glass object we ever made is now finally photographed and can be seen here.

Basalt Glass

November 2020

Our new project Basalt Glass can be seen now on our website. Check it out!

hard material: archive

May 2020

Our hard material: archive contains now more than 1000 samples. You can see a selection here. Check it out!

Little Loom

August 2018

The first edition of our educational mini loom series is finished. More versions will follow soon!

Hay Paper Veneer

February 2018

New surface material in the making. Hay Paper Veneer is a new kind of veneer. Compressed with high pressure from cellulose fibers and dyed hay.

TexLab at Dutch Design Week

October 2016

TexLab 1 is exhibited during Dutch Design Week in Einhoven/The Netherlands from October 22nd to 30th. Come by at TAC – Temporary Art Center and have a look at their exhibition Trajectories. We hope to see you there!


May 2016

TexLab got a Jury Special Mention in the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize! Read more on Trend Tablet.

2D // 3D

February 2015

Our project 2D // 3D is on display at BMW Museum in Munich during Munich Creative Business Week. Come by and have a look!

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