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Grid Dot (Black & Silver)


GRID DOT  – This abstract Wall Object features an exploded grit background with a shiny silver dot as its centerpiece. The fabric-like texture adds depth and complexity to the piece, while the handpainted dot provides a striking contrast that draws the viewer’s eye.

We used a bold and expressive style to create a sense of movement and energy within the piece, with the open-worked grit pattern and its shadow play adding to the dynamism. The shiny silver dot acts as a focal point, reflecting the light and adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Overall, this Wall Object is a stunning representation of the interplay between texture, color, and shadow. This Wall Object has integrated hangers on the backside and is ready to be hung.

SIZE – 40 x 48 x 1,6 cm
MATERIAL – wood (hardboard), acrylic paint, oak wood frame

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Out of stock

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